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Judging by their performance at the Australian music Awards last year, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince (aka Jeff Townes and Will Smith) really know how to shake a room. And with their latest album "Code Red" flying up the charts, Jeff and Will have bounced back onto the scene with a vengeance. Santi Pintado asks the loudmouth rappers just what makes their room go boom!

How did you get the name Fresh Prince?

Will Smith: Prince is something my teachers called me because I was so charming. I added Fresh in 1985 when I was the new, hip swing! (turns to his publicist who's walking around the room) Are you OK? Do you need a seat? You want us to order some room service? Are you hungry? Want something to drink? Some water? Ice tea? Vodka? A Black Russian? How about a black American (laughs)

Have you ever been called anything else?

WS: Oh yeah! Um.well, dickhead (laughs), jackass. Yeah, I've been called lots of stuff, No, I used to call myself Willy Will
Jeff Townes: Will Rock, too
WS: Yeah, but it was Fresh Prince Will Rock

What was your worst subject at school?

WS: I pretty much got good grades in everything. I was bad in certain segments of certain courses. I was bad at dissecting in biology. Touching little formaldehyde frogs, you know, I was really dead with that.
JT: I hated woodshop. Hammer, nails and the sawdust making me sneeze - I hated it!

How long does it take you guys to write a rap?

WS: Anywhere from five minutes to five months. When I start an album, I usually have five ideas for songs.a book full of incomplete songs. So I'll sit down for a couple of minutes every day and write a little something, maybe one or two lines in every record and, eventually, I'll have an album.

Are all your rap stories based on real-life experiences?

WS: For the most part they're based not on real-life experiences, but on legitimate emotions. 
JT: Damn that was smooth! That's the first time I've heard that one-legitimate emotions-yeah. Shit!
WS: (laughs) Oh my God. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Can you give us some special tips on how to write rap?

WS: Write about stuff that you know and feel, rather than try to follow the trend of what the music is doing. That's always been our success. We just do what comes natural to us. If you write about things you know, you'll never run out of material. Like you, Santi, for example. If you wanted to write about really cool hairstyles, you could do it, man (laughs). In fact, you look like my manager. He's actually the guy who The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Will's hit sitcom) is based on.

Really? Is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air still screening in the US?

JT: No, they ended it.
WS: (laughs) There's a new season starting.

You guys write a lot about girls and having fun. Did you always like women this much?

JT: No, we used to like guys back then.
WS: Yo, come on now, man; they print stuff like that (leans towards tape recorder) That was Jazzy Jeff1 Yeah, I mean, just being a kid that's what your into - you want a nice car and you want women digging you. But you know about that, Santi, because that haircut puts you in that arena, man. And, oh no. (looks down at my feet) I didn't see the boots. I did not see the boots! Jeff, Jeff (points to me) Studmeiser! Studmeiser!

What famous women would you like to write rap about?

WS: Halle Berry. You know the lady from Eddie Murphy's film Boomerang? Yeah, she's fine.
JT: And Miss Piggy. Straight up, man; she had a little sexy thing going with Kermit.
WS: She was too much of a bully on Kermit, man. She thought because she was this big pig and he was a little frog, she could just push him around. I didn't like her attitude.

If you guys could double date, would you take: a) Madonna and Janet Jackson

WS: Wait a minute, could we double date with janet and leave Madonna out of the equation?

No, I want to know who'd have Janet and who'd take Madonna.

WS: Well, I mean I'm the studier of the two.
JT: He'd take Madonna. I'm a sensitive guy.
WS: Yeah, I'd have to have Madonna because Jeff is sensitive and Janet's more sensitive than Madonna.

How about b) Salt 'N' Pepa?

WS: Salt 'N' Pepa.yeah, we'd go with them. We'd pretty much date anybody, man.

And c) Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty?

JT: Yeah, we'd.
WS: Sshh! That's 90210, we'll pass on that one. What's next? (laughs) Shannon Doherty seems like she'd be a wild date, running people over. It would be like a Bonnie and Clyde-style date.

Why did you call your new album "Code Red"?

JT: Because "Code Blue" didn't look right.
WS: We tried green, yellow, even "Code Turquoise".it didn't have the same flavour.

Seriously, did it have anything to do with A Few Good Men?

WS: No, it's different. Code Red signifies an emergency which is to alert everybody to our explosion back onto the scene. So, our firs single was "Boom!" After you have a Boom, you have a Code Red, you know to warn everybody that there's better yet to come.

So what does it take to make a room go boom?

JT: Some dynamite would help!
WS: It's all a bunch of attitude. How you step in decides how the people are going to react. If you step in confident and strong, then people will generally give you what you want. If they feel you're in control, they'll give you the energy.

Whatever happened to Vanilla Ice?

WS: He melted.
JT: He made his money and he's chillin'.

You guys are big basketball fans, have you ever yelled out something to a player during an NBA game?

WS: We always yell to the players because we know them. There was one player, Rick Mahorn, who Jeff yelled out to. He said, "Get your lazy ass up and make the shot."

What's Jeff's most annoying habit?

WS: You talk to him and he gives you the listening face, but doesn't listen at all.
JT: What? (laughs)

Finally, what's something about each other no-one would know?

WS: Jeff is a junk food addict.any trash that he could possibly eat.
JT: He has gas a lot. Really bad gas. It's not the loud kind, it's the atomic bomb kind!

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