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Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff have dominated music, movies and television for over 30 years. This site has all you need to know about the duo from the early albums through to the latest Will Smith blockbuster.

Jazzyjefffreshprince.com was established in 1996 and continues to bring together fans from around the world. It has information on jazzy jeff and fresh prince music, will smith movies and music, lyrics to songs, interviews, biography, a podcast and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Keep it locked right here for the very latest news!

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff Townes formed the group DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince in 1985. They released their first single "Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble" in 1986. Five Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince albums followed between 1987 and 1993.

Will starred in his own sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" from 1991-1996. Jazzy Jeff joined Will on the television show playing Will's best friend Jazz. Once "Fresh Prince" wrapped Will embarked on a hugely successful movie career.

He still found time for music though. He returned to the rap game in 1997 dropping the "Fresh Prince" name. Jazzy Jeff continued to work with his long time partner on music producing and scratching on Will's solo records from "Big Willie Style" throught to "Lost and Found." In fact Will's second solo album, "Willennium" was executive produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and featured 13 tracks produced by Jazzy Jeff or containing his trademark scratches. Will and Jeff have an amazing chemistry and friendship that has lasted more than 20 years.

It was Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince's success that led to Will becoming the biggest movie star in the world. Will Smith has had enormous box office success ranging from Bad Boys and Independance Day through to Hitch, Hancock and I Am Legend.

Jazzy Jeff continues to make music he released his third solo album, "M3" in 2018, independently. It is available on all streaming services. DJ Jazzy Jeff has also featured appeared in Activision's DJ Hero video game. He continues to release mix tapes, produce music and tour the world.

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Will Smith drop's fire remix to Joyner Lucas (Will) track

Will Smith jumped on the Joyner Lucas track Will which is a tribute to the man himself. Will returns with a Fresh Prince emcee hunger on the track paying tribute to those that shaped the man he became while still giving props to the younger Joyner Lucas as a legend in the making. Will has set the internet on fire with this track, it has been the #1 trend on YouTube and his racing up the charts. Listen to Will's hot new track below.

More new Will Smith music is on the way, he has been recording new tracks during the COVID-19 lockdown and has plenty of suprises in store for us over the coming months. We just hope he jumps on some Jazzy Jeff beats and finally puts out a new album. His last album was now over 15 years ago, Lost and Found (2015). He has plenty of unreleased tracks recorded with Kanye West, Pharell Williams, and many more - it's just a matter of whether Will has the confidence to drop them.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reunion on Zoom during COVID-19 lockdown

Will Smith reunited the Fresh Prince of Bel Air cast on his snapchat show recently and they had a wonderful tribute to James Avery. Watch the reunion below.

Classic Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - From Da South Live

When Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince were rehearsing for the 2017 live concert they performed the very rare b-side "From Da South" off the Boom! Shake the Room single. Check this amazing performance below!

Will has dropped a little taste from his New Album - Freak Accident - A track he recorded with Shane Eli.

DJ Jazzy Jeff releases 3rd solo album

Jazzy Jeff has released his third solo album, "M3" independently. It is available now on all music platforms. The second single Skaters Paradise has a camero from Will.

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Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince are back with a Live Concert Tour in 2017!!

Yes, it's true! Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince are back! They are doing two shows in Europe in August:

Croatia - 26th Aug 2017

U.K. - 27th Aug 2017

26th August is MTV Summer Blast and 27th August is Live Wire Festival. Tickets are selling fast for the Livewire Festival at www.livewirefestival.co.uk

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