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Bad Boys (1995)

Will Smith's first action movie, was the Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay Blockbuster "Bad Boys" This is the film where Will often cites he became a "movie star" While there were clearly problems with the script this movie has a great charm about it mostly due to the chemistry between Will and Martin Lawrence. Will was actually playing the straight man here and Martin played off him beautifully leading to some hilarious scenes. Will's tough cop and playboy "Mike Lowery" would be such a great character he would return to play him in 2003's Bad Boys II. I think Tea Leoni was also fantastic in this movie. Because of the deficiencies in the script Michael Bay would allow the actors to improvise a lot which led to some great dialogue between the three. Bad Boys would in the end launch the careers of Micheal Bay, Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. And Jerry Bruckheimer would restake his claim as one of the most successful producers in Hollywood.

Original Release Date: April 7, 1995


Will Smith
Martin Lawrence
Tea Leoni
Joe Pantoliano
Theresa Randle

Director: Michael Bay

Produced Don Simpson & Jerry Bruckheimer

Movie Budget: 19 Million

Box Office
Domestic: 65.8 Million
Overseas: 75.6 Million
Overall: 141.4 Million

DVD Details
Number of Versions: Original, Collectors Edition
Release Date: May 27, 2003

Bonus Features

  • Audio Commentary by director Michael Bay
  • The Boom and Bang of Bad Boys - a 24 minute behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews
  • Damage Control - a special interactive feature that uses the Angle Change function to analyse firearms and pyrotechnics destruction as seen in the film
  • Music Videos - "Shy Guy" performed by Diana King, "So many ways" performed by Warren G and "Five O Five o" performed by 69 Boyz
  • Photo Galley
  • Original movie trailer
  • Isolated track of songs and Mark Mancina's music score
  • Animated Menus
  • Talent profiles

DVD Review

The director commentary on this DVD's is one the best directors commentaries I've ever heard. Michael Bay tells everything about the making of this movie and all the struggles he had to encounter. Its extremely interesting, he doesn't hold back.


Will Smith(from ID4 and Men In Black) and Martin Lawrence(from Blue Streak) prove why Bad Boys finish first in this action/comedy about two tough cops who heat up the streets of Miami. From mega producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer - the guys who gave us Top Gun and Beverley Hills Cop - Bad Boys is another blockbuster hit packed with high-energy action and rapid-fire comedy.

Best Scene

There was so many funny scenes but I dont think you can go past the opening scene it completely set up the movie. The appeal of the movie was the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and you had it in spades in the hilarious scene where the two Miami cops face off against some car jackers.


BMI Film Music Award - Mark Mancina


Marcus: "We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar...?"

Julie: "Hi Julie, what have you been up to the last couple of days?" Oh nothing, just hangin' out, handcuffed to steering wheels"

Mike: "Now that's how you supposed to drive! From now on that's how you drive!"


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