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Check out this list of samples jazzy jeff has used in jazzy jeff & fresh prince and Will Smith traxs.
Its listed like this:  Artist "Song" (Album, Year) 

The majority of this list you will not find in your cd inlays as they didnt have to declare the samples back then.  So this is really helpful in identifying and helping you track down those hard to find tracks jeff used.

Rock The House

A Touch of Jazz
Grover Washington Jr. "Mister Magic" (1975)
Bobbi Humphrey "Westchester Lady" (Three, 1976)
Bobbi Humphrey "Harlem River Drive" (Blacks and Blues, 1973)
Donald Byrd "Change" (Places and Spaces, 1976)
Marvin Gaye "T Plays it Cool" (1972)

The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
Tears for Fears "Shout" (Songs from the Big Chair, 1985)
Billy Squier "Big Beat" (The Tale of the Tape, 1980)
Herman & Life Kelly "Dance to the Drummer's Beat" (Percussion Explosion, 1978)

Girls Aint Nuthin but Trouble
Funkadelic "You'll Like it Too" (Connections and Disconnections:, 1981)
Sampled "I Dream of Jeannie" Theme

Rock The House
Michael Jackson "Ben" (1972)
Diana Ross "Theme from Mahogany" (1975)

Takin' it to the Top
James Brown "Cold Sweat (1967)
Just One of Those Days
Taco "Puttin on the Ritz"

Just One of Those Days
"Puttin' On The Ritz"-Taco (Puttin' on the Ritz) 1982

Hes the DJ I'm the Rapper

Here We Go Again
Bob James "Westchester Lady" (Three, 1976)

Brand New Funk
James Brown "My Thang" (Hell, 1974)
Donalys Byrd "(Fallin Like) Dominoes" (Places & Spaces, 1976)
Bounce Lady Pleasure (Dust Yourself Off, Fantasy 1975)

Time to Chill
George Benson "Breezin" (Breezin, 1976)

As We Go
Honey Drippers "Impeach the President" (1973)

Pump Up The Bass
James Brown "Funky Drummer" (In the Jungle Groove, 1986)

Live at Union Square
Incredible Bongo Band "Apache" (Bongo Rock, 1973)
Kelly, Herman & Life "Dance to the drummers beat" (Percussion Explosion 1978)
Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" (Cheryl Lynn, 1978)

Rhythm Trax- House Party Style
Michael Jackson "Thriller" (Thriller, 1983)
"122 BPM"-Jive Rhythm Trax (Jive Rhythm Trax) Jive Records 1982

He's the DJ, I'm The Rapper
John Davis and the Monster Orchestra "I Cant Stop" (Night & Day, 1976)
T-Connection "Groove to Get Down" (On Fire, 1977)
Steve Miller Band "Jungle Love" (Book of Dreams, 1977)

Hip Hop Dancers Theme
James Brown "Funky Drummer" (In the Jungle Groove, 1986)

Hip Hop Dancers Theme
Bob James "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" (Two, 1975)

New Kids on the Block
Brentford All-Stars "Greedy G" (A Better Dub)

Let's Get Busy Baby
"Sir Duke"-Stevie Wonder (Songs In The Key of Life) Motown 1976

Human Video Game
Interpolates the music from "Donkey Kong"

And In This Corner

Jazzys Groove
Melvin Bliss "Synthetic Substitution" (1977)
James Brown "Funky Drummer" (In the Jungle Groove, 1986)
Mohawks "The Champ" (1968)
Shannon "Let the music play" (1984)
Nautilus"-Bob James (One) CTI 1974

Jazzy's in the House
James Brown "Funky President" (Reality, 1975)

You Got It (Donut)
Bobby Byrd "I Know You Got Soul" (I Need Help, 1970)

The Reverend
Chic "Good Times" (Risque, 1979)
The Girlie Had a Mustache
Lyn Collins "Think" (1972)
Mason, Vaughn & Crew "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" (1981)
Sly & The Family Stone "Dance to the Music" (Epic Records, 1968)

Who Stole My Car?
James Brown "Funky President" (Reality, 1975)
The J.B.'s "The Grunt" (Food for Thought, 1972)

Numero Uno
Graham Central Station "The Jam" (Ain't No Bout-A-Doubt It, 1975)

2 Damn Hype
James Brown "Blues and Pants" (Hot Pants, 1971)
James Brown "Funky Drummer" (In the Jungle Groove, 1986)
Joe Tex "Papa Was Too" (Live and Lively, 1968)

Jeff Waz on the Beat Box
Gaz "Sing Sing" (Gaz, 1979)
The J.B.'s "The Grunt" (Food for Thought, 1972)

I'm All That
Rick James "Give it to me baby" (Street Songs, 1981)

Kool & The Gang "Summer madness" (Light of Worlds, 1974)
Jack Bruce "Born to Be Blue" (Things we like, 1971)

Ain't Nuthin but a Dog
George Clinton "Atomic Dog" (Computer Games, 1982)
George Clinton "Man's best friend" (Computer Games, 1982)
Parliament "The Big Bang Theory" (Gloryhallastoopid, 1979)
Ring My Bell
Anita Ward "Ring my Bell" (Songs of Love, 1979)

Caught in the Middle
Tower of Power "Drop it in the slot" (in the slot, 1975)

Trapped on the Dance Floor
Colonel Abrams "Trapped" (1985)
Trouble Funk "Grip It" (Saturday night live, 1983)

Lovely Daze
Bill Withers "Lovely Day" (Menagerie, 1977)

Code Red

Somethin Like Dis
Lowell Fulsom "Tramp" (1967)
Lowell Fulsom "No Hard Feelings" (Tramp, 1967)

I'm Looking for the One
S.O.S. Band "Tell Me If You Still Care" (On The Rise, 1983)

Boom! Shake the Room
Ohio Players "Funky Worm" (Pleasure, 1972)
Temptations "The Joneses"
Eddie Harris "Superfluous" (Instant Death, 1972)

Cant Wait To Be With You
Funkadelic "You'll Like it Too" (Connections and Disconnections, 1981)

Twinkle Twinkle
Skull Snaps "It's a New Day" (1973)
Johnny "Guitar" Watson "I Wanna Thank You" ( A Real Mutha for ya, 1971)

Code Red
Mason, Vaughn & Crew (Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll, 1981)
Grover Washington Jr "Mister Magic" (1975)

Shadow Dreams
Eddie Kendricks "Date in the Rain" (People hold on, 1972)

Just Kickin It
Roy Ayers "Mustic Voyage" (1975)

Ain't No Place Like Home
Blue Mitchell "Melody 4 Thelma" (Stratosonic Nuances, 1975)

I Wanna Rock
Keni Bruce "Risin to the Top" (Changes, 1982)
Lyn Collins "Think (About It) 1972

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