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Jazzy Jeff's first house mix album was released November 16 on Defected Records. It's a double cd/LP, but there will also be a limited edition triple pack which will include a bonus multimedia cd.

On the bonus cd will be the following interview in audio form, but you can check out the text now, jeff talks about "In the House." Jazzy Jeff Defected Records In The House Interview.

Also on the bonus cd will be fun downloads, Jazzys biography and new pics.

DJ Jazzy Jeff In The House Album Cover

Soulheaven presents Jazzy Jeff In the House

Releases Nov 16th

The Defected In the House Series has set high standards to date. This is a compilation series with a reputation for delivering diverse mixes from some of dance music's most respected DJ's including Dimitri from Paris, Junior Jack, Kenny Dope, DJ Gregory and Sandy Rivera. It came as no surprise that no.11 in the ITH series was just as fierce, mixed by non other than hip hop celebrity Jazzy Jeff. Put your hands together and give a big hedz up to Jazzy Jeff's first ever House compilation.

'I grew up playing pretty much all different kinds of music I wanted to show my version of where house music came from. I was inspired by the early Philly International sound, you'll find funk, disco and soul all the way through my mix because that what I grew up on'.

Jazzy Jeff the notorious Hip Hop DJ from Philidelphia, 3 times winner of a Grammy Award, 2 times winner of the soul train awards + others, famed for his association with Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bellair). He made his name with the 90's classics, 'Boom Boom Shake The Room' and 'Summertime'. He now owns his own record label 'A Touch of Jazz' and is one of the world's most internationally respected dj's. Close friend of Kenny Dope who has had a huge influence of Jeffs house sound. Primarily a producer this artist has gone onto sell over 10 million records worldwide.

Jazzy Jeff In the House Track Listing.

Disc 1

1. Melting Pot/booker t
2. Open Sesame/Kool & The Gang
3. Bra/cymande
4. Dance to the drummers beat/herman kelly
5. Now that we found love/third world
6. Lets start the dance/bohannon
7. Sweetness is my weakness/barry white
8. See line woman/nina simone/maw
9. Morena/viktor duplaix
10. Saturday/jody watley/ron trent mix
11. Back together again/ron carroll
12. I found love/blaze
13. Somebody new/george levan
14. Deep water/mood rotation
15. Kiss by the sun/john beltran
16. Home/julie mcknight

Disc 2

1 Poppa was a rollin stone/temptations
2. Kenny dope interlude
3. On my way/kerri chandler
4. Abstract truth/we had a thing
5. Our music/trackheads
6. Useless/kerri chandler
7. Smile/jasper street co
8. Gabrielle/dj spen
9. Strings of life/soul central
10. Gangsta house/1200 warriors feat krs
11. I got rhythm/soul fusion/kenny dope mix
12. Rock wit u/erro
13. Reality/viktor duplaix
14. Drive on/soldiers of twilight
15. Samuri/jazztronik
16. Tropical soundclash/dj gregory

Jazzy Jeff In The House Promo

Thanks to Toni Tambourine from Defected Records for all this info.

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