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Men In Black II

Will Smith's first sequel was Men IN Black II. The film opened strong but failed to live up to the creative or box office heights of its predecessor. This Will Smith had few laughs and the script was basically a retread of the first. It did however have great special efx and another great score by Danny Elfman, plus the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones remained strong.

The DVD for Men IN Black II was very strong with many behind the scenes featurettes including Will Smith adding lines in ADR, and a commentary from director Barry Sonnenfield.

Original Release Date : July 3, 2002


Will Smith
Tommy Lee Jones
Lara Flynn Boyle
Jonny Knoxville
Rosario Dawson
Tony Shalhoub
Rip Torn

Director: Barry Sonnenfield

Movie Budget: 140 Million

Box Office
Domestic: 190.4 Million
Overseas: 251.4 Million
Overall: 441.8 Million

DVD Details
Number of Versions: Special Edition, Collectors edition

Bonus Features

  • Audio commentary by Barry Sonnenfield - with optional "telestrator" diagrams drawn on your screen by director Sonnenfield
  • Men In Black Training Video
  • Alien Broadcast - branching function reveals multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes directly from the feature
  • The Chubb Chubbs - an animated short film produced by Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Men In Black II video game promos
  • Original movie trailers
  • Bonus movie trailers
  • Animated menus
  • Picture disc
  • Never-before-seen alternate ending
  • Blooper reel
  • 15 behind-the-scene featurettes that explore the world of MIB and the people who created it including production design, music, animatics, make-up and character profiles.
  • "Black Suits Comin'(Nod Ya Head) music video performed by Will Smith
  • Five multi-angle deconstructions
  • Photo gallery of poster artwork
  • DVD Rom features including interactive game, the movie script and weblinks
    Talent profiles

DVD Review

It may not have been the best movie but this is one of the best DVD's you will ever find. Its packed with interesting extras and featurettes on all aspects of the making of the film. The development of the special efx is one of the many highlights. Also seeing Will's ADR work is pretty funny.


The Men In Black are back for more out-of-this-world action and hilarity as Agent Jay(Will Smith) must find and restore the memory of Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) to help him combat a new threat! With their headquarters under siege from a renegade Kylothia monster(Lara Flynn Boyle, best known for TV's The Practice) disguised as a lingerie model, Agents Kay and Jay enlist the help of Frank the Pug and a posse of hard-living worms to help them kick some serious alien butt!

Best Scene

The scene with the ballchinnian was very funny.


BMI Film Music Award - Danny Elfman


Agent J K, that won't work he's a Balchinian!"

K "You must be mistaken. I've never worked in a funeral home."

Worms "K, you're back, they told us you were dead, you look good!"

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