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Will Smith's music career spans over twenty years inclusing albums with Jazzy Jeff as well as solo albums. Five Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince albums were released between 1987 and 1993. Will Smith released four solo albums between 1997 and 2005. DJ Jazzy Jeff has released two solo albums and 3 mixtape albums between 2002 and 2007. Four jazzy jeff and fresh prince greatest hits albums have been released since 1998. Jive also released a two music video compilations in the 90s, Summertime & Other Hits and Greatest Hits. The first album Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince released was Rock the House in 1987. Each album page has extensive information inclusing album facts, chart positions, tracklisting, soundscan sales numbers and album reviews. Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff have had a long history in music and very successful careers having sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Albums

Will Smith Albums

DJ Jazzy Jeff Albums

DJ Jazzy Jeff Mixtapes

  • Life Colors with L-R-G [2012]
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie: Summertime 3 [2011]
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie: Summertime: The Mixtape 2 [2010]
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie: Summertime: The Mixtape [2009]
  • House Mix
  • Live from Nowhere
  • The Roots : Things Fall Apart Mix [1999]
  • The Vibe I'm on [1998]
  • The Originals Volume 1 [1998]
  • Blockparty Mix [1993]


If you are interested in knowing what original songs formed the basis for all these songs here is a complete list of Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince samples.

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff Platinum and Gold

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