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Six Degrees of Seperation

Six Degrees was Will's first dramatic role. It was quite an ambitious step for Will to go from playing the fresh prince on a weekly sitcom to gay hustler paul acting against heavyweights such as Ian Mckellen, Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland. Will did find the role quite difficult. Instead of acting his character just for the movie, he actually became the character. He would find himselves at shops asking himself what would my character buy. He totally immersed himself in the character and found the acting quite challenging. It would become one of Will's finest performances though. After the first scene Will shot where he was talking about catcher in the rye Donald and Ian turned to each other and exchanged a glance, as if to say, this guy can act.

The movie would be Will's only real independant small scale type film. It only made 6 million at the US box office but received wide critical praise, especially regarding the performance of Wills. I think 6 degrees of Seperation proved to the world that Will Smith could act, and was just as comfortable in dramatic roles as he was in comedy.

Original Release Date: December 8, 1993


Will Smith
Stockard Channing
Donald Sutherland
Ian Mckellen
Anthony Michael Hall
Heather Graham

Movie Budget: N/A

Box Office
Domestic: 6.4 Million
Overseas: N/A
Overall: 6.4 Million

DVD Details
Versions: Standard
Release Date: June 8, 2004
Bonus Features: None


When a couple of Manhattan art dealers open their doors to a young man who has been mugged, their world is changed forever. Claiming to be a friend of their children, the young man cons his hosts with tales of grandeur. A wickedly funny adaptation of the acclaimed Broadway play.

Best Scene

Paul's speech about "Catcher in the Rye" was brilliant, apparently after the scene was shot Ian Mckellen and Donald Sutherland looked at each other like "he can act." It was probably Will Smith's greatest acting performance, you wouldn't know it was Will Smith, and he compeltely pulled off the character and this scene!


NOMINATED Best Actress in a Leading Role - Stockard Channing


Paul "It is the worst kind of yellowness to be so scared of yourself that you put blindfolds on rather than deal with yourself. To face ourselves - that's the hard thing. The imagination - that's God's gift, to make the act of self-examination bearable."

Paul " The imagination. It's there to sort out your nightmare, to show you the exit from the maze of your nightmare, to transform the nightmare into dreams, that become your bedrock. If we do not listen to that voice, it dies, it shrivels, it vanishes. The imagination is not our escape. On the contrary, the imagination is the place we are all trying to get to."

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