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The New Will Smith Podcast, discussing the latest news and events relating to Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Listen to Will Smith fans from around the world. Over 300, 000 Downloads so far!

Episode 24 - The Fresh Prince is back!

  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air Performance on Graham Norton
  • After Earth
  • Jaden Smith

Podcasters: Tim, Kev, Julie
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Duration: 31:07

Episode 23 - "Making movies to win an oscar..."

  • Previewing Seven Pounds
  • I am Legend prequel
  • Hancock 2
  • Hancock unrated dvd
  • "Oldboy" remake with Steven Spielberg
  • Will quits music again
  • Will's quest for an oscar
  • Will's team of Akiva Goldsman and Gabriel Muccino
  • Scientology protests
  • Kel Spencer mixtape

Podcasters: Tim, Chris, James, Phil
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Duration: 31:18

Episode 22 - "They are just going for that pg-13 blockbuster"

Will and Jeff dont perform at hancock premiere in london
Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff reunite to perform in L.A. at Hancock premiere
Will smith performs at Nelson Mandela's birthday celebrations
We review Hancock
Will there be an uncut dvd version of Hancock?
Hancock opens with over 100 million in its first week
Will thinks hes a better actor than a rapper
Akiva Goldsman
We discuss Will's movie career.
The chicaco sevens
Jada as Will's hype man
Seven Pounds

Podcasters: Tim, Chris, Julie
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Duration: 32:20

Episode 21 - "I was expecting this to be a laugh a minute"

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are performing in London June 18th, We preview the show. Will Smith on Ellen. Will's hunger for music. Can Will remember his lyrics? Will Smith opens scientology school? We discuss the latest controversy. Hancock goes into reshoots. How will the movie turn out? Is Sony promoting the movie incorrectly? Rumours of Will back in the studio recording. The possibility of a jazzy jeff fresh prince album. Why Hancock's Sydney world premiere was cancelled.

Podcasters: Tim, Brakes, Kevtastic, Julie, Phil Subscribe | MP3 | RSS
Duration: 27:03

Episode 20 - "So he's a gay muslim scientologist with an open marriage who likes hitler?"

We discuss bad boys 3, I Am Legend and the alternative ending. Willow in I Am Legend. Jaden in Karate Kid Remake. Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff summer concerts. Brand new funk 2k7. New roots track get busy featuring jazzy jeff. Timbaland and Will Smith? Will Smith and Hitler misreporting. Will Smith and Scientology press lies. Will Smith is not a scientologist.Haters trying to bring Will Smith down.The I Am Legend novel. Has will smith finished with music? KSmith Will Smith's nephew's music. Will Smith begins filming new movie 7 pounds and early Hancock reviews.

Podcasters: Tim, Julie, James, Phil
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Duration: 25:51

Episode 19 -"Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Live Capitol Radio Sessions."

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Live on Capitol Radio Late 80s. Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff rip it up Live on Tim Westwood's radio show.

Podcasters: Special Music Podcast

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Duration: 17:50

Episode 18 -"Give us 6 months to make it."

Looking for Good Music, Jazzy Jeff Super Producer, Jazzy Jeff at the Office , Who is Jazzy jeff
The Return of The Magnificent Skits and Album Cover, Switch & Born To Reign
The Making of Willennium, Groupies, Hanging out with Jazzy Jeff

Podcasters: Tim
, KevTastic, Ewan
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Duration: 41:15

Episode 17 -"Can you have a journey of loneliness while making a movie for $150 million?"

The Return of The Magnificent Singles,I Am Legend trailer, jazzy jeff shoutout, Will's kids in the movies
I Am Legend Preview, The 5 million dollar scene, I Am Legend World Tour, Switch, Jaden wins MTV movie award, Will Smith reality show?
Is there time for Will to get in the studio, Jazzy Jeff US Tour, K-Smith, Kel Spencer,The state of hip hop.

Podcasters: Tim
, KevTastic, Ewan
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Duration: 33:00

Episode 16 - The Magnificent Returns

We review DJ Jazzy Jeff's brand new album, "The Return of The Magnificent." Also we discuss the rumours of a new jazzy jeff and fresh prince album and world tour.

Podcasters: Tim
, KevTastic
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Duration: 33:42

Episode 15 - "JJFP Live 1988 "

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff Live Concert from 1988. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince perform Live in LA! Rare concert, classic old school hip hop.

Podcasters: Tim
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Duration: 18:03

Episode 14 - "I'm gonna mention Born To Reign..I'm sorry "

The latest on Pursuit of Happyness. Will quits music? Will on Oprah. We reflect on Wills music career. Jazzy Jeff finalizes The Return of The Magnificent.

Podcasters: Tim, Julie, Ewan, Kev, Chris
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Duration: 40:51

Episode 13 - "Young boy, growin up "

Live Will Smith Concert from 1986. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince perform live at Union Square in New York. A classic moment
in hip hop history when DJ Jazzy Jeff unveils the transformer scratch at the home of hip hop for the firs time. Will Smith was only 17 and a small piece of this performance ended up on the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince album He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. This is the entire concert brought to you for the first time by

Podcasters: Tim
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Duration: 20:02

Episode 12 - "No News, ain't Good News "

Will surrounded by yes men? Lost and Found beats. Episode 10 Wheres the tour? Season 4 of fresh prince of bel air, A Trip to Lorettaville, A Bad Will Smith joke
T.I. gives Will props, Will Smith vs gangsta rap, Different versions of greatest hits, Live performances on YouTube and I think I Can Beat Mike Tyson Live at the Apollo

Podcasters: Tim, Kevtastic, Julie
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Duration: 27:30

Episode 11 - "It's been pretty quiet"

Will Smith and Johnny Depp in I Am Legend. Tonight He Comes Loses Director Again. Wills new movies Seven Pounds and Greenbacks. Update on DJ Jazzy Jeff's album The
Return of the Magnificent and we reveal who is on it! Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Best of Release. Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season 4. Pursuit of Happyness Release Dates and Will Smith's visit to Israel.

Podcasters: Tim, Kevtastic, Julie
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Duration: 18:00

Episode 10 - "We offer something totally unique"

We talk to an insane Will Smith fan from Sweden who wants to start his own Will Smith Religion. We take no responsibility
for the views expressed by this raving lunatic. Our normal Will Smith podcast will be back next episode.

Podcasters: Tim, Chris
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Duration: 40:50

Episode 9 - "Belemptious"

- Will Smith and Overbrook Producing ATL
- Jada's new Wicked Wisdom Album
- Switch
- Will Smith and Ghostwriting
- Unreleased Songs and Rare B-Sides
- Lorettas

Podcasters: Tim, Ewan, Julie and Chris
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Duration: 32:22

Episode 8 - "De de de de de ..."

- Season 3 of Fresh Prince of Bel Air on DVD
- What the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Cast is up to
- Tatyana Ali's New Album
- Best Will Smith Albums to Buy
- Best and Worst Tracks
- Is Will's worst track "I Can't Stop"
- Will Smith as a Bad Guy in a Movie?
- Will still sounds like Ali

Podcasters: Tim, Ewan, Julie and Chris
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Duration: 34:05

Episode 7 - "Every womens gonna be crying and every man's gonna wish he could ..."

- Pursuit of Happyness Reviews
- Will Smith's new movies, It Takes A Thief and Tonight He Comes
- Bow Wow Sits down with Will Smith to discuss Diss
- Will Smith at the Kids Choice Awards
- Tell Me Why's Non Release and the Fan made Music Video
- DJ Jazzy Jeff's New Album The Return of The Magnificent
- Jazzy Jeff's Remix of Black Eyed Peas Feel It
- The Status of Will Smith's New Compilation Album
- Will Smith in India
- Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff Tour?

Podcasters: Tim, Ewan, Julie and Chris
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Duration: 36:25

Episode 6 - "SPECIAL Music Podcast"

In this special Will Smith podcast, we feature independant artists who have been influenced by Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Also new tracks by Kel Spencer, Tatyana Ali, rare covers, remixes and a live performance.

Artists Featured:
Da Brakes: Web Site | MySpace
Koffee Blakk: Web Site
Da Ace: MySpace
Kel Spencer: Website | MySpace
Kontempt: Web Site
Fuq: MySpace
Kenn Starr: Website | MySpace
MojoPlus: Website

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Duration: 49:21

Episode 5 - "They wanna do another album..."

News on a new Will Smith album and a new Jazzy Jeff album, Will vs the record labels,
The Fans reactions to Will, Will and Jada's recent charity donations, record sales, radio, singles & movies in a packed podcast.

Podcasters: Ewan, Tim, Julie, Sam, Alan
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Duration: 35:26

Episode 4 - "We should be more entertaining..."

All Hip Hop names Will Smith Person of the Year, Will Smith's son Jaden starring in Pursuit of Happyness, Jada's band Wicked Wisdom, some Sony bashing and Podcast Feedback. We also announce the winner of our soul mixtape giveaway

Podcasters: Tim, Julie, Jonny, Sam
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Duration: 16:11

Episode 3 - "Will, if you are listening..."

Will Smith: The Rapper Vs The Actor, Should he choose one career over the other? Will's best and worst records and Is a 6th Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince album a possibility?

Podcasters: Tim, Jonny, Dwane, Jim, Simon
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Duration: 30:58

Episode 2 - "The destruction of Party Starter"

We discuss Lost and Found and the release of Singles Switch and Party Starter as well as the potential singles Tell Me Why with Mary J Blige and Pump Ya Brakes with Snoop Dogg.

Host: Tim with Dwane and Jonny
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Duration: 10:37

Episode 1 - "Well you can edit it right..."

News on Pursuit of Happyness, Tonight He Comes,Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season 3 and Live 8 DVDs. We also discuss Will's American Music Award win, Tell Me Why's release and Bow Wow dissing Will Smith. Also details on our new competition, listen in to win a Jazzy Jeff prize pack including his new album "the soul mixtape."

Host: Tim with Jonny, Julie and Alan
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Duration: 20:19

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